Rumworth School


Curriculum Overview

Maths is essential for equipping our students with the necessary skills to access independence, academic achievement and employability. In addition, we believe that Maths provides a solid platform for building self-esteem, resilience and a strong sense of achievement. 

All Rumworth students will access a Maths curriculum which is appropriate and engaging; challenging and creative and through Assessment for Learning, personalised to enable all pupils make outstanding progress. 

Rumworth is committed to the continuous development of a Mathematics curriculum that best meets the needs of our students.. The mathematics curriculum has been developed to best meet the needs of our pupils but covers many aspects from the National Curriculum.

Rumworth Maths Vision

Curriculum Strands

Pre-formal Strand

This multisensory approach is a unique way of "thinking" about teaching Mathematics. The preformal strand is aimed at students who are working below the traditional National Curriculum Level 1 who progress most when accessing Maths activities that are multisensory, practical and engaging.

Semi-formal Strand

Rumworth is developing its own bespoke approaches to “Assessment for Learning” which supports pupil attainment and progression. The assessment framework is central to the Maths curriculum allowing students to access maths which is accurately pitched at their level for each maths focus. Pupils working within this strand will be focusing on achieving Entry Level Qualification in KS4 and KS5.

Formal Strand

Within this strand, Maths is delivered as a discrete subject by a Maths specialist. Students will access learning based on their own personal maths curriculum.  It is not required that all students access the same area of maths at the same time. Teachers are free to develop their own system which is appropriate to their personal style and methodology which best meets the needs of our students.

Students within the Fornal strand will access Entry Levels, GCSEs in KS4 and Entry Levels and Functional Skills qualifications in KS5.

Feedback and Assessment

All students should receive feedback in line with their personal feedback method which will be detailed in student profiles. Teachers should make their own professional judgement regarding the nature and format of students' work that they choose to retain.

Student progress is determined using our 100 Steps to Progress, and through external accreditation measures at KS4 and KS5, where relevant.

External Accreditation

This is offered as:-

  • GCSEs
  • Entry Levels
  • Functional Skills