Rumworth School

Forest School

Curriculum Overview

Forest School is a learner centred process focussed on holistic development of all pupils participating.  A focus is placed upon developing a relationship between the learner and the natural world; this is done through a cycle of planning, observation and adaption to each individual’s needs.

Forest School believes in the importance of allowing pupils to be able to play without the need for adult input.  Pupils are left to explore and see where their imagination takes them.  This is vital for children enjoying their childhood and developing social, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

How does Forest School fit into the Rumworth Curriculum?

Each session is structured in a way to be supportive and provides a wealth of different opportunities for each child to succeed.  It allows the pupils to build a positive perception of themselves by developing a positive attitude and positive values.  By allowing for appropriate tasks and the right amount of challenge pupils confidence will grow.

Forest School sessions will develop on pupils’ curiosity and individual interests and offer opportunities for them to meet challenges.  Forest School will develop pupil’s ability to assess and manage risks for themselves.  Pupils will develop holistically through forest school sessions.  Pupils will work on their problem solving skills and most of all will be allowed to use their imagination and be creative in their own work.

Feedback and Assessment

Feedback is a constant at Forest School as students learn to embrace the natural world. Conversations flow as students discover different aspects of the natural world and questions are asked about the environment around them. Forest School allows exponential cross curricular journeys from the Science subjects through to discussions around the camp fire on a range of subjects. Students are inquisitive about the natural world and discussions ensue.

Students will follow a structure enabling them with skills through the Wild Passport programme

External Accreditation

There is no external accreditation in Forest School